Visiting BTJ’s Fallen at Mt. Herzl

From three continents, Boys Town Jerusalem supporters gathered for an emotional visit to Jerusalem’s Mt. Herzl National Military Cemetery to pay tribute to grads killed in the recent war. At each grave, the visitors were acquainted with the young soldier’s life and death.

Supporters joined from all over the world

The initiative, led by Dr. Norman Frankel, co-chairman of Boys Town Jerusalem Foundation of America, included supporters from Australia, the USA and Israel. Walking slowly through the vast cemetery, the visitors reached the gravesites of Jerusalem natives Sgt. Benyamin Yona, 19, and Corporal Ofir Testa, 21. (Two other recent fallen grads, Police Sgt. Gedif Yaakov Mulugeta and terror victim Liel Gerafe, are buried in other cities.)

Supporters paid their respects to BTJ’s Fallen

Here I grasped how these boys did their utmost to protect Israel’s citizens and their own comrades,” Dr. Frankel said. “I lit candles at each grave, trying to bring light to a world that is darker at the deaths of such brave, caring young men.”

As she paid tribute to the BTJ fallen grads, Leone Hersh of Sydney, Australia shared, “Here the reality sinks in as to how many young lives just beginning are cut so short. It is extremely important that we come to show our respect for these heroes who gave their lives to protect Israel and the Jewish People.”

At the graves of Benyamin Yona and Liel Gerafe, BTJ CEO Yoni Strimber shared their life stories, adding that the school remains in close contact with their families. As the group paid their respects, Professor Suzanne Rutland of Sydney, Australia noted, “I’m so moved to see what the best of our young people have given to the Land of Israel, and how Boys Town Jerusalem fosters these strong bonds.”