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Twenty-five of the best and brightest new high school grads in Israel have just tackled a major challenge aimed to contribute to Israel’s safety. The young men, who hail from cities throughout Israel, all excelled in their majors of English, math or physics. Although currently they have no background in electronics or technological studies, they have been selected for the highly technical “Marom” program opening this year at Boys Town Jerusalem’s College of Applied Engineering, under the auspices of the Ordnance Corps of the Israel Defense Forces. Their mission: to become trained to join the corps’ research and development teams, applying their knowledge to developing the cutting-edge weapons systems vital to Israel’s survival.

“The competition for acceptance to the Marom program was intense,” noted Yossi Lavie, who heads the College of Applied Engineering. “Of the original 170 students who were invited by the IDF to attend the introductory session, only the top 25 were selected by the Boys Town administration. We will now provide them with intensive studies in electronics to complement their ample knowledge of math, physics and English. At the close of the two-year program, these young men will attain degrees as applied engineers. They will then enlist in the IDF Ordnance Corps, bringing their knowledge and experience to become officers in research and development teams.”

Last year, the Israel Defense Forces selected Boys Town Jerusalem’s College of Applied Engineering to become one of five training centers in the nation to offer the “Marom” program. This followed the school’s appointment in 2007 as an instruction center for the prestigious “Shachak” program to train electronics specialists for the Israeli Air Force. According to Lavie, the IDF selected Boys Town by virtue of its state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment in the school’s Beren Electronics Center, as well as its over 40-year record of working with the IDF to train first-rate technicians, computer experts and electronics specialists to assume key roles in the military.

Students in the Marom and Shachak programs are granted a postponement of their compulsory military duty during the two-year course of studies, and enlist immediately after graduation. Army specialists accompany the students throughout the entire program, providing specific training relevant to work carried out in particular units.

“Boys Town’s College of Applied Engineering students study an intensive curriculum of electronics, computers, robotics, and electronic systems,” Yossi Lavie points out. “Yet unlike other applied engineering schools, ours requires an equally intensive program of Jewish studies. By combining an outstanding Jewish education with the finest technological studies, Boys Town continues its 60-year mandate to prepare new generations of Israelis to contribute to all realms of the nation’s society.”

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