The Golden Boy


Boys Town Jerusalem eighth‐grader David Fitoussi swept the junior high division of the recent annual Israeli National Yeshiva High School Sports Tournament to bring home two gold medals to his alma mater. Fitoussi triumphed over contestants from 20 other schools from across Israel to win a gold medal for the 80‐Meter Track Race (in nine seconds flat) as well as for the Broad Jump (leaping a distance of 15.7 feet) competition. Tournament rules restricted athletes to competing in only two individual‐winner competitions. So for good measure, David joined three fellow Boys Town athletes on the 320‐Meter Track & Relay Race team, to clinch an additional bronze medal.

Boys Town Jerusalem’s director of athletics Doron Deutch is exceedingly proud of David’s strong showing, which he attributes to two main factors: the student’s excellent athletic stamina and abilities, combined with the school’s state‐of‐the‐art BENJAMIN AND CELIA KASWELL SPORTS FIELD where David trained on a professional‐quality running track, broad jump runway, and well‐equipped fitness center.

As for David, he has warm words of praise for his teacher. “Doron Deutch is one of the most caring, patient teachers ever,” he says. “He carefully guided me through all of the grueling training‐‐‐running, climbing, weight‐lifting, etc.— that prepared me to be a champ.”

For David Fitoussi, Boys Town Jerusalem isa family tradition. His three older brothers are all graduates of the school. “We’re at home here,” he smiled. David is upholding the family honor by excelling not only in the sports arena, but also in his academic achievements.

“I’m hoping to pursue a future career in business administration,” the fourteen‐and‐a-half‐year‐old student noted. “But first,” added the champion, “I’m aiming to be accepted to serve in the Israeli Navy Seals unit after I graduate from Boys Town Jerusalem.”

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