The recent coronavirus crisis took a painful toll on 13-year-old Gabi* and his family. Both parents lost their jobs, leaving Gabi and his siblings to face a new reality locked down at home where gnawing tension, lack of food, and their father’s harsh anger outbursts became a tinderbox for domestic violence.

Gabi’s teachers and social worker kept in constant contact with him throughout the long weeks of confinement, giving him hope and encouragement. As school gradually opened, Gabi actually dared to believe that he could be happy once again.

Yet Gabi dreads the upcoming summer break. With no school, no classmates, no activities, and barely any food on the table, a nightmare summer threatens to wreck the boy’s fragile progress and hope.

Fortunately, Boys Town Jerusalem has the summer-camp-of-their-dreams for Gabi and so many other boys facing painful family situations.

With love and care, this camp goes beyond to provide each boy with tasty, wholesome food, plus tutoring to help him catch up on his schoolwork and get ahead in the upcoming school year.

“We’ve never had a Summer Camp more needed and essential than now,” stresses Rabbi Meir Linchner, BTJ dean of students. “The weeks of quarantine set students far back in their studies as well as their social involvement. The 2020 Summer Camp will give our boys a crucial academic boost plus the chance to share great adventures with their friends. This summer camp isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.”

Gabi’s family cannot afford the cost of camp. For just $360, you can give the gift of a wonderful, healing summer to Gabi and other boys in need.

Boys Town Jerusalem’s Summer Camp will be conducted in full accordance with Israeli Ministry of Health regulations, including any changes in dates, times or activities.

Click here to help send Gabi to camp!

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