The recent graduation of Boys Town Jerusalem’s Class of 2022 marked their triumph over challenges
no class had ever faced over the school’s 74 years.

“The Covid pandemic that closed our campus for the better part of two years placed tremendous hurdles before us all. I’m proud of your patience and efforts, and I salute your parents for their help as well,” declared BTJ Dean of Students Rabbi Meir Linchner to the 87 new grads.

The highlight of the ceremony, the announcement of the year’s Exemplary Grads, brought cheers from students and parents alike. When 18-year-old Yarin Zazon’s name was called, Jewish Studies Principal Rabbi Elimelech Yaakov declared, “Yarin’s total devotion to his studies is a positive influence on every BTJ student.” Yet, the rabbi’s broad smile revealed his memory of the very different boy Yarin had once been. “I only enrolled in Boys Town because other schools wouldn’t take me,” Yarin admits. “Seventh and eighth grades weren’t easy. I couldn’t make the effort to study, and I hardly came to school.” Yet, throughout the difficult times, including his father’s serious illness, Yarin’s ongoing heart-to-heart talks with Rabbi Elimelech proved invaluable.

“By ninth grade, I finally got ahold of myself,” recalls Yarin. “I started to invest time and effort in studying. Luckily, my teachers realized I was trying hard, and they encouraged me. In time, I reached a top average in my Electronics major and more.”

This September, Yarin will begin his studies in BTJ’s College of Applied Engineering (CAE), majoring in Electronic Engineering. Simultaneously, he will enroll for BA studies in Engineering at the Jerusalem College of Technology, thanks to a special arrangement for exemplary CAE students. Following graduation, Yarin will serve in a specialized IDF Electronics unit.

“Yarin paved the path to excellence for himself and others,” Rabbi Elimelech said as he shook the new grad’s hand. “We are extremely proud of you!”

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