An extraordinary Bar Mitzvah for Sam

When Sam* was just five months old, his father abandoned the family. He never contacted them again. Not even for Sam’s recent Bar Mitzvah.

Sam was happy thanks to generous supporters

Yet, Sam’s smile lit up the city as his rabbis, teachers and classmates – together with his mom and grandparents – celebrated his Bar Mitzvah in Boys Town Jerusalem. Thanks to the school and generous overseas donors, Sam’s Bar Mitzvah was extraordinary.

Sam’s Bar Mitzvah included dancing, singing, and great fun

With his teacher and his grandfather at his side, Sam flawlessly read his Torah portion at Monday morning services in a BTJ synagogue. His proud mom beamed throughout the entire ceremony and the fun that followed. A festive breakfast in the BTJ cafeteria, including special treats that Sam’s mom supplied, led the way to dancing, singing, and great fun in a nearby bowling alley for the Bar Mitzvah boy and his classmates.

Sam’s mother is grateful to BTJ’s supporters

“I can’t praise this school enough,” Sam’s mother exclaimed. “They took care of everything we needed, including a tallit and tefillin and preparing Sam to read his Torah portion. Whoever donates to Boys Town Jerusalem deserves our greatest thanks!”

Sam has a special relationship with his teachers

Immediately following the ceremony, Sam raced to give a hug to Moshe Fortgang, his remedial reading teacher, whose face glowed with pride. “Like all my students, I give Sam special attention. Beyond improving his reading comprehension skills, he needs the warmth of a father figure and the heart-to-heart talks we share.”

“Sam, you have been blessed with a beautiful soul, humility and a brilliant smile,” stressed BTJ Junior High principal Rabbi Yehudah Rosencrantz. “May you bring happiness throughout your life!”

*not his real name