Returning a Debt


When Boys Town Jerusalem recently sought out companies to submit bids for installing fiber optic cables on campus, one top-notch firm made an offer that could not be refused. Netanel Hadad, the 32-year-old founder and CEO of Natinet Communications Systems, proposed to carry out the significant job at no cost whatsoever.

“Netanel is a BTJ grad that I’d lost contact with several years ago, but someone I could never forget,”
explained BTJ Dean of Students Rabbi Meir Linchner. “When he first came to live and study in Boys Town as a 9th grader, Netanel’s family was quite well-to-do. He became a popular, proficient electronics major, and following his high school graduation Netanel continued as a student in our principal College of Applied Engineering (CAE).

“In 2004 at the start of his final year in CAE,” the rabbi recalled, “Netanel suddenly came to my office to say good-bye. He explained that he could no longer continue his college studies because his family had gone bankrupt. ‘We’ve lost everything,’ he said grimly. ‘I can’t pay a cent for tuition.’ I looked him straight in the eye and said,

‘Netanel, your future is at stake. We believe in you. You will continue to study here at no cost whatsoever.’

Indeed, the young man excelled in his studies, and with college degree in hand, Netanel went on to serve for over five years in a high-level IDF computer networking unit. After his discharge he worked in electronics and computer-related businesses before establishing his own company 18 months ago. Today Natinet Communications Systems, which specializes in fiber optic and other systems, counts some of Israel’s largest corporations among its client base.

The Boys Town Jerusalem assignment to install 5,000 feet of fiber optic cables connecting the Internet communications system from the academic building to the dormitories was quite labor intensive. Rabbi Linchner pointed out that Netanel, now a husband and father, worked after-hours for many days to complete the large-scale, intricate project.

“Boys Town Jerusalem contributed a great deal to me,” Netanel told Rabbi Linchner. “I owe you my studies, my life. I’m grateful that I can give a bit back in return.”

“Netanel Hadad is a true tzadik (a person of outstanding virtue),” Rabbi Linchner declared of his former student. “For us, he is a source of enormous pride.”

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