Meet Neria. A fourteen-year-old boy without a stable home.

When Neria was a baby, his father became addicted to drugs and alcohol, and his parents divorced.

Neria’s mother did her best as a single mom to make a home for the two of them, but it came with its struggles. Three years ago, Neria’s mother remarried, but her husband would not agree to take Neria into his home. Neria was kicked out, and now lives with his maternal grandmother.

His father, unemployed and unable to support himself, is not in Neria’s life. Now, ever since her marriage, neither is Neria’s mother.

Without parental figures, Neria depends on Boys Town Jerusalem’s staff for encouragement and support. One rabbi in particular has taken him under his wing and serves as a father figure. House mother Rachel Cohen-Pur is there for him day and night to listen and to care.

“Neria is a strong boy with the personality of a leader,” notes social worker Hadas Knopf, who has been counseling him for the past year. “We hope that our love, combined with Neria’s strong will, can enable him to build a strong foundation over his badly broken home-life to ensure a brighter future.”


If you’d like to help Neria and other boys like him, click here.

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