Feed Your Boys This Passover

Make a meaningful impact this Passover by providing essential meals to Your Boys.

Since the beginning of the war, many families have faced unprecedented challenges, with unemployment rates soaring and resources dwindling.

For them, a hearty meal isn’t just a necessity. 

It’s a loving comfort in these difficult times.

Your donation can make a real difference:

  • $144  provides two students with lunch for a month.
  • $234  provides one student with three meals for a month.
  • $360 provides three meals for a class for a day.
  • $1,800 provides breakfast for all students for one day.
  • $3,600 provides lunch for all the boys for one day.
  • $7,200 provides three nutritious meals for 900 boys for one day.

Every contribution, big or small, directly impacts the lives of these young individuals, ensuring they have access to the food they need. Together, let’s provide the support and nourishment they deserve.

Please select your country’s currency in order to receive the correct charitable donation receipt.