Most 10th graders only have to worry about school work, tests, and friends, but Natan has a lot more to worry about.

His parents are busy taking care of his sister

The oldest of five children, Natan recently assumed the role of mother and father for his three younger siblings. That’s because Natan’s little sister was diagnosed with cancer, and his parents struggle with her care.

It’s taken a toll on Natan

Crushed by his heavy responsibilities, Natan’s studies have taken a big hit. He doesn’t have time to focus on school, and he constantly worries about his sister.

“Everything has fallen onto the shoulders of this fifteen-year-old boy,” Principal Rabbi Yehudah Rosencrantz says with concern. “From cooking to ironing and countless other tasks, Natan is responsible for all of it. His mother is at her daughter’s side through the lengthy hospitalizations and treatments, and his self-employed father is struggling to keep his business afloat. They are all depending on Natan to run the household.”

As a result, Natan is often late to class, and usually leaves quite early to be home for his siblings. Some days he is absent altogether.

We came together to help him out

To help him out, the staff at Boys Town Jerusalem came together. Natan is now being privately tutored to keep up with his classes, he meets with our social worker to help him stay strong emotionally, and his tuition fees were waived to lessen the financial burden on his parents.

“We’re aiming to give a 15-year-old the stamina to face a mighty burden for as long as he’s needed. His family is depending on him, and we’re at his side,” said Rabbi Rosencrantz.

Our priority is to give Natan the support he needs so he can continue building his own future.

If you’d like to help Natan, click here.

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