Anyone who meets 20-year-old Micah* would never know that he has no parents, no home, and no money.

Micah looks like a young man who’s got it all

A senior Electronics major at Boys Town Jerusalem’s College of Applied Engineering (CAE), Micah is bright, good-natured, and handsome. Soon, he will enlist in a top IDF Technology & Maintenance Corps unit, where as a CAE grad he’ll become an officer developing cutting-edge weapons systems.

No one knows that Micah lost everything

But hidden to the eye is the tragedy Micah has endured. When Micah was a teenager, his parents died one after the other, leaving him orphaned and penniless. Micah was the youngest child, with his older siblings in the Army or far from home.

Nearly two years passed until the Welfare Department finally placed him in a series of foster homes, one more horrific than the last.

“When Micah arrived at BTJ for an interview to enroll in our College of Applied Engineering, he hesitantly told me his sad, shocking story,” Dean of Students Rabbi Meir Linchner recalls. “I assured him that he’d made a wise choice to join BTJ. And from the moment he joined, Micah was no longer on his own.”

Micah has a new life at BTJ

Beyond providing a full scholarship, room, and board, Rabbi Linchner brought Micah to join his own family for Sabbath meals and more. To provide desperately-needed spending money, the school set up special jobs for him. Housemother Rachel Cohen-Pur provided Micah with clothes, eyeglasses, and endless love. And the young man has simply thrived.

“Now confident, focused and bound for success, Micah really does have it all,” Rabbi Linchner says. “We’re grateful to have given him a new chance at life.”


*not his real name

You can sponsor Micah and other boys at BTJ’s College of Applied Engineering by donating here.

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