Each boy at Boys Town Jerusalem has overcome one challenge or another. Every one of them has a story. You can read some of them by clicking on the pictures below.


Amitai changed his life by volunteering with the police

Amitai was never a good student, and he was thinking of dropping out. Thanks to our volunteer program, Amitai found motivation by volunteering with the police. Read how he turned his life around.


Ariel made a home at BTJ

Ariel’s father is extremely violent, so Ariel moved out of the house. He now lives in our dormitory full-time, but he has no money for clothes, snacks, or other small things he would want. Read what we did to make it easier for him.


Noam finally celebrated his birthday

Last year, Noam celebrated his birthday alone.  No one called to wish him a happy birthday – not even his parents. This year, we decided to give him a proper birthday. Click here to read how it went.


Aviel doesn’t let his stutter stop him

When Aviel first joined BTJ in 7th grade, he was a stuttering little boy without any confidence. Now, after graduating with honors, Aviel is ready to take on the world. Read how BTJ helped him thrive.


Ori’s parents have nothing to do with him

Ori’s mom left him when he was a toddler, and his father is a violent alcoholic. Ori decided to have his bar-mitzvah at BTJ. He knew his parents wouldn’t be there, but that didn’t stop him (or us) from making it as incredible as it could be. Read more about Ori’s inspiring story.


Yitzchak didn’t know how to speak Hebrew

An immigrant from Iran, Yitzchak could not speak a word of Hebrew when he started learning at BTJ. He’s now a graduate of our College of Applied Engineering and is an engineer for Israel’s Air Force. His success story is one you want to read.


Rafi’s family didn’t have money for his bar-mitzvah

Rafi’s father in unemployed, and his mother works sporadically at odd jobs. So when it was time for Rafi’s bar-mitzvah, the family couldn’t celebrate. We knew we could help. Click here to read how Rafi’s bar-mtzvah turned out.

Boys Town Jerusalem is not just a school, it’s a home and so much more. Click here to see what we do. 

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