I’ve learned that if there’s something important to know in life, it’s that money isn’t everything,” declared Shimon Potter, a multimillion-dollar investment portfolio manager. His audience, Boys Town Jerusalem High School students, paid rapt attention to his every word.

Potter’s firm comminited to contribute 50% of profits to charitable organizations

Within the school’s guest lecture program to prepare students for the future, Potter, of the Israeli-based ION Asset Management firm, brought his youthful audience a message far beyond how to make wise investments. “The Tech Fund which I co-manage has committed to contribute at least 50% of its management profits to charitable organizations in Israel. Our investors are pleased, the charities are grateful, and everyone wins. Social responsibility is a critical aspect of all good business practices.”

BTJ students discussed investments with Shimon Potter

As the financial expert stressed the importance of patience, investigation and analysis in any type of investment decision, Potter’s audience participated enthusiastically in his presentation. For their part, the BTJ students showed an impressive knowledge of current financial trends, questioning the risks and advantages of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, and more.

“Speaking to these students has inspired my passion to broaden the scope of our contributions to Israel’s younger generation,” Shimon Potter said. “Investing in the future of kids like those I met at Boys Town Jerusalem will offer an extraordinary return.”

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