Everything changed after Dvir’s oldest brother disappeared.

Dvir* was only a toddler when his brother stormed out of the house following a bitter argument with his parents. Now 16, Dvir has watched his home life unravel from that moment on.

“Dvir’s parents took to fighting constantly in front of their remaining nine children, until his mother fell into a crippling depression,” explains Boys Town Jerusalem social worker Hadas Knoph. “Since Dvir was three years old, his mom has been heavily medicated, dysfunctional and bedridden. As he says, ‘My mom’s there, but not there.’”

To this day, Dvir has been paying the price of the financial and emotional poverty that plague him. He did miserably in school, and dropped out repeatedly. Soon, he himself sank into a deep depression.

Almost miraculously, Dvir chose life. Mustering all his courage, this year he applied to Boys Town Jerusalem. “His sweet, gentle and very mature personality won his acceptance,” Hadas explains, “yet his dismal lack of basic math, English and Hebrew-language skills forced him to enter Grade 8 rather than Grade 10.”

Not surprisingly, Dvir became extremely lonely in class. Only during breaks, he managed to make friends with boys his own age. This friendship, combined with the boundless faith of his teachers, led to the second miracle. Dvir committed to intensive daily after-school tutoring, bolstered by a 10th grade friend who helped him every recess. By January, Dvir moved up to Grade 9, and he’s pushing hard to catch up one more year.

Hadas notes that Dvir seeks her help in facing social and psychological issues. “He tells me, ‘I never had a mom to share my experiences with.’ And he still desperately longs to reach the brother who left home and disappeared.”

Dvir is on a full scholarship for his studies and dormitory living at Boys Town Jerusalem. His intensive private tutoring is free of charge. To help give Dvir and others like him the chance for life, donate here.

*Not his real name

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