No one could think about Lavi’s bar-mitzvah

The last thing Lavi’s family could think about was his upcoming bar-mitzvah. For the past year, their world has revolved around his father, whose cancer is swiftly progressing. Lavi’s mother quit her job six months ago to give her husband 24-hour care, in addition to the demands of their home and five children.

BTJ found a way to help

“The moment we discovered the severity of the situation, we mobilized our efforts to help Lavi, who just began 7th grade,” explained BTJ Junior High Principal Rabbi Yehudah Rosencrantz. “Beyond being emotionally traumatized, his family is now poverty-stricken.

“As for the bar-mitzvah, we assured his parents that the school would gladly host the synagogue service, followed by a festive breakfast and special go-karting activity for Lavi’s entire class, at no cost to the family.

“When we learned that Lavi’s father was too ill to teach him the Torah portion, a BTJ rabbi volunteered immediately to teach him and help him prepare.”

Lavi disappeared from school

Just over a week before the ceremony, Lavi, who excels in his studies, disappeared from school for several days. After checking up on him, the staff at BTJ found out that Lavi was very sick, and his parents couldn’t help him. On the teachers’ initiative, a doctor came to examine Lavi and diagnosed him with a serious ear infection. Given medication at last, Lavi recovered in time for his big day.

Recovered and happy, Lavi celebrated his bar-mitzvah

As his proud parents, grandparents and siblings joined his classmates in the Boys Town Jerusalem synagogue, Lavi recited his Torah portion in a strong, confident voice. With tears in his eyes, his father was at his side throughout. “We did our very best to allow this special young man to celebrate a happy, meaningful bar-mitzvah,” Rabbi Rosencrantz said. “May this help give him strength for now and the future!”

*not his real name

The cost of Lavi’s Bar Mitzvah was covered by generous Boys Town Jerusalem supporters. To sponsor a bar-mitzvah celebration, click here

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