At the historic celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament), Boys Town Jerusalem Student Council Head Avraham Shapiro was one of the 30 top high school students from across Israel to be officially invited to attend the event. Representing Jerusalem in the special National Student Council delegation, Avraham was introduced to leading Knesset parliamentarians, took part in a committee hearing on Children’s Rights, and even planted a sapling on the Knesset grounds to mark the Tu B’Shvat holiday which coincided with the anniversary.

Yet unlike most of his fellow national student council reps, Avraham has visited the Knesset “on business” numerous times. With a keen interest in public affairs, he frequently attends open Knesset committee sessions and has become personally acquainted with a number of Knesset members and cabinet ministers. “I like politics,” says 17-year-old Avraham. “I hope to someday serve as a cabinet minister myself.”

Avraham Shapiro is the sixth of seven children whose father is a construction worker and mother works as a secretary. Now in his senior year at Boys Town Jerusalem, he is majoring in Computer Networking. Besides his duties as Student Council head (“we take the students’ part in initiating social activities as well as special assemblies”), Avraham was one of the top students selected for the Cyber Protection course now being piloted by Boys Town Jerusalem under the auspices of the Minister’s National Cyber Bureau. “Each lesson is more demanding than the last,” Avraham says of the extracurricular course held from 5 PM – 9 PM, “but I’m learning amazing things. This is an investment that will pay off – we’re gaining skills that are critically needed in the IDF and in every business and institution across this increasingly dangerous world.”

Looking to the future, Avraham aims to serve in a challenging IDF combat unit, followed by university studies in law and international relations before going into politics. Yet as confidently as Avraham speaks of his present and future, he is quick to recall the difficult straits he was in just three years ago when he first enrolled at Boys Town Jerusalem. “I studied in terrible schools up to that point, with low-level classes and teachers who gave no care or support. Boys Town Jerusalem was a different, wonderful world where teachers invest their hearts and souls in each student. I know how to value this gift. The biggest and the best change in my life came when I entered Boys Town Jerusalem. This is the place where I discovered myself,” he declared. “It meant a lot to me to be able to bring honor to the school at the Knesset ceremony.”


  1. Jonathan Usher says:

    What is a Cisco school in Europe. I don’t understand

    1. admin says:

      Cisco, the giant technological conglomerate, initiated “Cisco Networking Academies” throughout the world in 1997 aimed to train young people from the high school level onward in Cisco networking skills. Their high-level curriculum is designed to grant students world-class digital, problem-solving and entrepreneurial skills.
      Boys Town Jerusalem inaugurated the very first Cisco Networking Academy in the Middle East in the year 2000, and has excelled in the advanced program ever since. This year, Boys Town Jerusalem was granted Cisco’s “Above and Beyond Award” for 2019 for being the top academy in the entire European region to which Israel belongs.

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