As families across the Carona-infested globe now find themselves confined at home together, Boys Town Jerusalem social worker Hadas Knopf offers these insights and tips for survival:  

1. Create a schedule!

Routine is always healthy, and now it’s top priority to rebuild routine from scratch. With school cancelled, this is the time for family members to draw up a fun, tailor-made Daily Schedule where everyone learns from one another. Beyond academics, older kids can coach their siblings in computer skills, while cooking, gardening, and (possibly long-forgotten) hobbies are ready to be explored right here at home. Bottom line: Organizing your days and weeks fights the anxiety of uncertainty.    

2. You can be social while also practicing social distance

It’s easy – and normal – to feel detached in isolation. But you are not alone: There are people lonelier than you, and it’s high time to find and help them. First, brainstorm with your kids about neighbors or friends who are alone or in special need. If they’re healthy and able, teens can volunteer to babysit, run errands, and more. Younger children can draw pictures, tell jokes, or however they choose to cheer up lonely neighbors or friends. Make it a point to do something useful each day. (This is better than school!)

3. Look Back. Look Inside. Look Forward.

These days, we’re all being forced to introspect. Think about what you have, and think about what you always took for granted. Just two weeks ago, we were complaining about school and work! Now is the time to acknowledge the blessings of food, family and friends, and good health, the greatest gift of all. To replace the complaining, make it a point to turn to each other and look forward together to the better times that lie ahead

Hadas Knopf is a key staff member of Boys Town Jerusalem’s Social Services Department, tending to the emotional needs of hundreds of students-at-risk. 

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