IDF Colonel David Cohen, a 1995 graduate of Boys Town Jerusalem, values every moment of his life. Over his 30 years of active duty in the Israel Defense Forces, he has brushed with death countless times, including a fierce clash between terrorists and his elite commando unit in which he was critically injured.

IDF Colonel Cohen spoke to CAE graduates

“You are enlisting in the military in complex times,” he told the Boys Town Jerusalem College of Applied Engineering (CAE) Class of 2022 at their recent graduation ceremony. “More than ever, you must arm yourselves with faith and conviction.”

Colonel Cohen learned at Boys Town Jerusalem

A native of Ashdod, Colonel Cohen lived and studied at Boys Town Jerusalem High School where he majored in a combined science and math curriculum. “My teachers’ tremendous personal attention, primarily the rabbis who taught Jewish studies, gave me the foundation and will to excel in my studies,” he declared. “Ultimately, this gave me the courage to face life and death challenges and to take command.”

The colonel cautioned the grads that despite the exhausting demands they will face, they must resolve to make time for daily prayers, Torah learning and maintaining their convictions. “There will be disappointments, fear and frustration along the way. But you must trust yourselves and thus earn the trust to assume the huge responsibilities each soldier bears.”

53 young men graduated Boys Town Jerusalem’s College of Applied Engineering

The 53 graduates of Boys Town Jerusalem’s College of Applied Engineering Class of 2022 majored in Electronic Engineering, Software Engineering or Electrical Engineering. The CAE program, like Boys Town Jerusalem junior high and high school, includes a full curriculum of Jewish studies in addition to the top-level technological studies. Within the coming months, the graduates will begin their three-to-five-year IDF service in specialized technological, R&D, and computer/ cybersecurity intelligence units.

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