Help Our Boys!

This Passover, Help Feed the Hungry


Help Feed Boys Town Jerusalem’s Disadvantaged Children

At Boys Town Jerusalem, many of our students come from poverty stricken homes. This year has a record number of hungry boys.

“In all my decades of teaching at BTJ, this year ranks as the most disastrous for the number of broken homes and students in poverty.”

– Junior High Principal Rabbi Yehudah Rosencrantz

As campus begins to reopen, these boys need food now more than ever. At BTJ, these boys get 3 fresh meals a day.

$36 Feeds 2 Students Lunch For 1 week

$72 Feeds 2 Students Lunch for 2 Weeks

$144 Feeds 2 students lunch for 1 Month

$234 Feeds 1 student three meals a day for an entire month

You can feed these boys so they don’t go hungry.

The cost to feed our entire student body for one day is $7,000, please help us reach our goal!

Goal: $10,000

$3174 Raised!

Raised by 27 people in 11 months!


  • $100Anonymous
  • $100Harry Herskovitz
  • $18Howard & Elissa Titen
  • $10Dorene Weisberg
  • $500Dr. Norman Frankell
  • $100Wayne Sommer
  • $18Alan Lipson
  • $180Debbie Hirschmann
  • $36Danny and Gayle Cutler
  • $36Clara Botana
  • $100Rachel and Gideon Evans
  • $88Gail and Martin Komisar
  • $36Anonymous
  • $18Anonymous
  • $118Leah R Matsil
  • $10Andre Yokers
  • $108Roberto Fischmann
  • $180Howard Goldstein
  • $100Marc Voluck
  • $500Anonymous
  • $108Judith Cohen
  • $200Bonnie A Frankel
  • $56Abraham Danan
  • $54Richard Dubs
  • $50david berenholz
  • $200Robert and Marjory Abrams
  • $150Barry and Beth Steinberg