Help Our Boys!

Help the Boys with a Laptop


Don’t Let Corona Harm Your Investment!

Thanks to your staunch, caring support, Boys Town Jerusalem students are able to thrive. You’ve generously reached out to help us provide the finest education, dormitories, wholesome meals and top-notch staff to give “YOUR” boys the tools to grasp a better future.

Yet today’s extraordinary challenges have strained our ability to continue. Monthly tuition payments have been cancelled across the board by parents facing unemployment and bankruptcy. Despite major cost-cutting measures, operating expenses remain high as we continue to pay teachers’ salaries, binding contracts, outlying expenses and much more.

We need your help urgently.

Your generous contribution will be targeted to purchase laptops and internet modems for students unable to continue their studies via the current online classes, tuition scholarships, remote counseling for students in crisis, aid to families in need, and more.

Each laptop costs $750 and Internet sticks cost $50 a month to rent. Once the crisis has ended, the laptops will be returned to the school for future use.

Your support has given our students hope and strength: Like Micha, an orphan, who was released from the hospital straight to our dorm, his only home, after successfully battling corona. Or Daniel, a senior, who volunteers days and nights for Magen David Adom, on the frontline of the corona battle. And countless others of their classmates.

Please don’t let them down in this time of terrible need.

  • $750 laptop

  • $50 internet stick (per month)

Goal: $25,000

$14805 Raised!

Raised by 35 people in 3 years!


  • $25Esther Lerman
  • $850Jon Parritz
  • $2000Judy Snitzer
  • $1000Ed Rapoport
  • $100lisa lerman
  • $750Magda Katz
  • $25Anonymous
  • $500arnold rotter
  • $250David Shatz
  • $750Steven Crohn
  • $200Anonymous
  • $500Harvey Feldman
  • $100Family Soller
  • $250Mitch Weinberg
  • $180Howard Goldstein
  • $154Anita Sniderman
  • $3000Mark follender
  • $750Steven Lustig
  • $375David Goldstein
  • $180Michael Chernomordin
  • $180Howard Mintz
  • $100Rebecca Katz
  • $1000Sari Rosenberg
  • $108Sharyn Rauer
  • $30Anonymous
  • $180Anonymous
  • $360Aki Fleshler
  • $30Mike Dianda
  • $18Anonymous
  • $180Carol Pessah-Lewitter
  • $100Jacob Bannet
  • $250Robert Shapiro
  • $100Anonymous
  • $50Ken Fishman