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Thirteen-year-old Dan has watched his world unravel and fall to pieces. Last year, when his father lost yet another job, he walked out on his wife and two sons. Their divorce was the second for Dan’s mom. She couldn’t pay rent or buy food and their lives became unbearable. Dan lives for the three nutritious meals he receives at Boys Town Jerusalem, and the love and encouragement from its staff. Yet the school year is soon coming to an end… with your help, Dan can enjoy an amazing summer.

Do you remember going to camp? Our camp has swimming, sports, trips etc. and Dan needs it desperately. The tasty food, tutoring, love and care that are in camp are priceless gifts for each and every boy. “As their world is falling apart, you can provide your boys with the precious healing of a fun summer,” says BTJ Principal Rabbi Yehudah Rosencrantz.  Dan’s mother cannot afford to send him to camp. For just $360, you can give a wonderful summer to him and other boys in need. You can make a difference today!

Your gift can give Dan a summer to remember.

Goal: $10,000

$5751 Raised!

Raised by 50 people in 8 months!


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