Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and where there’s a technological means to improve firefighting, everyone gains. For his College of Applied Engineering senior project, Avichai has explored creating a prototype for a robotic firefighter which will “patrol” an area to detect signs of smoke and automatically extinguish a blaze.

The firefighting robot is equipped with two motors to power the wheels and one motor to power the fan. Ultrasonic distance sensors guide the robot from bumping into walls and other objects as it moves along its course in a factory or an outdoor facility seeking unseen smoldering areas.

An ultraviolet sensor allows the robot to identify radiation. Should the robot encounter obstacles along its route, Avichai has programmed its microcontroller to “read” the obstacles and readjust its charted patrol path. In the event that it identifies fire, the robot’s fire sensor transmits a small pulse to the microcontroller, activating a fan to quickly extinguish the flame.

Originally from Jerusalem, Avichai is not the first in his family to be a Boys Town Jerusalem High School graduate. His father, an electrician who originally comes from Turkey, also learned at BTJ. 

Because of his successful project and good grades, Avichai was selected for the prestigious IDF “Shachak” program to train electronics specialists for the Israeli Air Force. He is considering becoming a career IDF officer following his five-year military service.

We wish him the best of luck.

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