Evyatar Montin, 20, who is now graduating from Boys Town Jerusalem’s College of Applied Engineering, still breaks into tears when he speaks of his best friend’s tragic death from cancer at age 16. Yet Evyatar’s life now centers on preventing the deaths of others.

I’m convinced that my friend was one of the many victims of radiation emitted from the antennas on the roofs of buildings in older neighborhoods like ours,” Evyatar declares. “While some may disagree, there is documented evidence that high levels of radiofrequency radiation (RF) can cause blindness, burns, electrical shock, and quite possibly cancer.”

Determined to act, he devoted his Senior Project to building an Ionizing Radiation Meter (Geiger counter) to enable the easy measurement of radiation levels. “Ionizing radiation is invisible to the human eye,” he explains. “It is absolutely crucial to identify and measure the radiation levels, and make dangerous levels known to the public.”

Carefully learning every component of the Geiger counter, Evyatar constructed an instrument that measures the existence and amount of radiation in a given place. Using the Arduino platform, he programmed the device to detect ionizing radiation by applying a high voltage to a Geiger-Tube filled with an inert gas. The results appear instantly on
an LCD display.

Areas such as rooftops covered with antennas must be examined continually,” Evyatar stresses. “This costs the municipality money, but we must demand constant radiation testing. I don’t want my friend’s death to have been in vain.”

Evyatar Montin lives in the southern city of Netivot, where his father works as a farmer and his mother as a bookkeeper. Following his graduation from BTJ’s College of Applied Engineering, Evyatar will be enlisting for a four-year stint in the Israeli Air Force. “I’m looking forward to applying my knowledge of electronics to today’s advanced aircraft,” he smiles. “The College of Applied Engineering has given me knowledge and helped build my independence. Now I’m determined to devote my life to helping others.”

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