Assaf feels alone

Everyone is against me,” 13-year-old Assaf* cried, clenching his fist. “My dad, my mom, my teachers, the kids in class – everybody!”

Whether this claim is true or not, there’s no denying that Assaf, a seventh grader at Boys Town Jerusalem, has been dealt more than his share of heavy blows in life. His childhood was a nightmare with his parents’ arguments and brutal violence.

Since their divorce several years ago, Assaf has not spent a great deal of time with his father, who has been in and out of menial jobs. Assaf lives in poverty with his unemployed mother. And like her son, she is fighting the world, refusing to cooperate with his teachers.

We’re working on Assaf’s communication with his mother

“Fortunately, Assaf’s mother does speak with me,” says Principal Rabbi Yehudah Rosencrantz. “Together with our social workers, we’re involving the mother in our efforts to help this boy confront his fearsome social problems. Setting boundaries and establishing rules of conduct are new, difficult concepts for both of them.”

Assaf’s therapy is helping

Our current goal is to boost Assaf’s very low self-confidence. Our social workers arranged regular sessions for Assaf at a therapeutic farm, which involves tending plants and animals. This farm is currently his lifeline.

“Assaf has been at rock bottom, but there’s now a spark of hope in soothing the emotional turmoil he’s faced alone for so long,” Rabbi Rosencrantz said. “We’re determined to give Assaf the self-reliance, hope and courage to believe in himself. Everyone at Boys Town Jerusalem is with him, every step of the way.”

Assaf is on a scholarship to Boys Town Jerusalem. His therapy and extracurricular activities are also fully covered by the school. You can help Assaf continue to learn and heal by donating here

*not his real name

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