A Dream Summer that Came True

Thirteen-year-old Seth* certainly didn’t miss his parents’ constant fighting that brought about their recent divorce. But he did dread the long summer that loomed ahead once school ended. He could only look forward to the boredom of dividing his time between each working parent’s home. With money painfully scarce, a fun summer camp was beyond even dreaming about.

And then Seth’s miracle happened, in a big way.

Seth got the summer he dreamed about

Half a world away, caring donors to Boys Town Jerusalem, where Seth studies in junior high, donated money to send him – and many of his classmates – to the school’s month-long Summer Day Camp program based at the BTJ campus.

“It’s hard to know who was most grateful for his fabulous summer, Seth or his parents,” smiled BTJ Principal Rabbi Yehudah Rosencrantz.

BTJ’s summer camp helps many boys

Alongside extraordinary adventures from hiking to sports to great field trips in Jerusalem and beyond, the young campers were provided with ample meals and snacks, plus more.

“BTJ’s Summer Camp also offers studies in math, English and other subjects to give our boys a crucial head start for the upcoming schoolyear,” the principal stressed. The impressive, fun-filled schedule of BTJ’s highly-subsidized summer camp rivals top private camps, Rabbi Rosencrantz notes proudly.

Parents and students are grateful to the supporters who made this happen

This year’s fieldtrips brought students to experience the excitement of climbing mountains and diving into natural pools below (followed by a cookout), great carting fun, exploring the ancient City of David, an amazing day at one of Israel’s best water parks, and much, much more.

“Parents and campers alike are extremely grateful to Boys Town Jerusalem and its donors for providing our boys with the best summer ever,” Rabbi Rosencrantz shared. “This is a priceless, unforgettable gift.”

*not his real name