Camp is not a Luxury, it’s a Necessity!

Rabbi Yehudah Rosencrantz, Boys Town Jerusalem Principal received a frantic phone call from a mother. “The court has ordered us evicted from our apartment for not paying the rent,” she sobbed.

“The police are outside. We’ll soon be in the street.
At least I know my son David will be spending his days at the BTJ Camp, but, please, Rabbi, can I send David’s younger brother Ilan to camp too? You’ll be saving two lives instead of just one!”

Life is not easy for “our boys” whose homes are wracked by the pain of poverty, family strife, illness and other hardships. Summer vacation can spell disaster for boys-at-risk as home is unbearable. With little or no food, stimulation, activities, or friends at home, the streets are a tempting, menacing alternative.

Boys Town Jerusalem’s Camp is a lifesaver! Our Camp gives students a summer to boost their minds, bodies and souls. From sports and swimming to other usual camp activities, these are adventures the boys never dared to dream of. Our Camp provides remedial tutoring to help the boys return prepared for the new school year. And of course, campers are provided with delicious, nutritious meals each day.

Please help us to carry on providing the wholesome, nurturing environment to fill our students’ summer days to the maximum. Because their family’s finances are already badly strained, we need YOUR help to sponsor the $280 cost per boy. Please help sponsor a Boys Town student. Only $280 can be the gift of a lifetime!

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