BTJ Students Initiate Relief Efforts for IDF Soldiers, War Victims

The fierce outbreak of the Israeli war kept schools closed for Operation Iron Swords’ first ten days. Yet Boys Town Jerusalem students, skilled champs in taking the initiative to aid those in need, immediately took action. On their own, these young boys extended a valuable hand to soldiers and civilians of all ages affected by the war.

Many boys took the intiative to launch relief efforts

“Quickly and independently, many of our boys examined the emergency needs in their areas and launched relief efforts,” explained Avichai Charizi, who spearheads BTJ’s Community Service program. “We are incredibly proud of them.”

They raised supplies for soldiers and war victims

Yitzchak Cohen, 17, a BTJ 11th grade Electronics major, went into action at the war’s start. “There was a clear need to help get food and combat supplies to soldiers,” he explained. “I joined with friends to raise money to buy emergency supplies.” Approaching factories in the area for donations, Yitzchak and his friends then packed truckloads of food and supplies quickly dispatched to soldiers.

When refugee families from Israel’s hard-hit south became housed near his town, Yitzchak immediately began collecting clothing and food to bring them. “Once there, I started playing ball with the kids, gradually bringing in the shy ones on the sidelines. It was a good feeling.”

They also rallied others to help

David Mouyal, 17, is a BTJ senior majoring in Software Engineering. Last year, he organized a Jerusalem-based youth group for French immigrants like himself, leading them to help the sick, poor and aged in their neighborhood. “When war broke out, I contacted friends now mobilized to their IDF units to ask what was needed. I quickly rallied my youth group kids to raise money to buy and pack tons of food products, clothing, flashlights and other items which I helped deliver to soldiers on the Gaza border.”

“The initiative and tireless work of these and many other BTJ students to reach out to aid the needy is our greatest victory,” Avichai Charizi declared with pride.