BTJ Introduces Artificial Intelligence


To cultivate Israel’s newest generations of hi‐tech professionals, Boys Town Jerusalem is introducing a new curriculum focused upon software engineering and artificial intelligence. The curriculum will be offered within the framework of the school’s precedent‐setting Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Technology (CIT) track for grades ten through twelve.

Dr. Shmuel Uziel, the head instructor for the CIT program explains, “The entire world of hi‐tech is based upon advances in software engineering to meet the changing needs of technology. To enable our students to acquire the proper background and skills, we’re honing the emphasis to focus on intensive studies in programming and logic studies.”

According to Dr. Uziel, the curriculum is aimed to provide practical knowledge necessary to design computer programs and applications. Studies are concentrated upon object‐oriented programming languages (“OOP”), which include such modern multipurpose languages as C#, C++, and Java.

For the past several years, Boys Town’s CIT program has excelled in the study of artificial intelligence, a branch of computer science emphasizing the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. Recent senior projects designed and built by the students have included prototypes of driverless cars, a robotic “seeing‐eye dog” for the blind, a futuristic battlefield of robotic combatants, and various innovative traffic‐safety systems to protect pedestrians.

Boys Town Jerusalem pioneered Israel’s first Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Technology track of study in 1985. The program, which combines such fields as electronics, optics, mechanics and computer science into one all‐inclusive high school course, has since been adopted by leading high schools across the nation. Boys Town’s CIT students have won a number of competitions for their senior projects, including Rafael Ouzan’s clinching one of the top prizes at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair held in the US in 2006.

Dr. Uziel noted that the new top‐level software engineering program is complemented by Boys Town Jerusalem’s renowned CISCO and Oracle’s Open Solaris Network Management track of study. In this track, pioneered by the school as well, students are instructed in the art of assembling, installing and maintaining computer network systems. “We offer our students the opportunity to master the basics of either software engineering or network systems. Both fields will provide these young men with modern, essential skills to assume leading careers in Israel’s burgeoning hi‐tech and military industries of today and tomorrow.”

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