Transform this Bomb Shelter

When the Swords of Iron war began, some of our dearest friends stepped up to reinforce our bomb shelter so Your Boys could have a place to protect them.

Now with the recent attacks from Iran, finishing the bomb shelter is a priority.

The shelter is currently dark and empty; it is quite scary. For Your Boys, who are already traumatized from the war, it is not a welcoming place.

We are raising $500,000 to transform this space into a safe haven for Your Boys.

This includes:

  • A ventilation system in case of atomic, biological, or conventional warfare, as per IDF demands

  • Heating and air-conditioning systems

  • Painting walls, tiling floors and installing lighting.

  • Installing bathrooms and running water.

  • Adding tables and chairs

  • a generator to service the lighting, ventilation and HVAC

Your Boys need your urgent help to transform this scary bomb shelter into a safe haven.

Please help us protect them.


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These essentials will enable the safe shelter to be utilized in wartime, as well as in peacetime year-round for recreation and special events. Your Boys will feel comfortable in these vibrant surroundings, relieving the trauma of taking refuge in the bomb shelter in times of danger.