IDF Air Force Corporal Tzvi Kut, 20, a recent graduate of Boys Town Jerusalem’s College of Applied Engineering (CAE), is currently serving in an advanced technological unit. “Tzvi, who enlisted through a new IDF program for youth on the autism spectrum, is making a very great contribution to our country,” declares Boys Town Jerusalem Dean Rabbi Meir Linchner. “I am quite proud of him, and now admit that I nearly made the mistake of rejecting his admission to the school. He challenged us all to work quite hard, hand in hand with him, to climb to the top.”

Tzvi Kut had a hard time learning when he first arrived at BTJ

Stressing that Tzvi is extremely intelligent, Rabbi Linchner recalled that teachers first grappled with how to best help him succeed. “Tzvi had been in the Special Education track through high school, and the college classroom regimen at CAE posed a real challenge. He simply could not sit still for any length of time, and occasionally even perched himself on top of the desk during lessons.” Boys Town Jerusalem’s administration moved into gear to provide this star pupil with intensive counseling and personal attention.

Tzvi quickly jumped to giving back and helping others

“On the scholastic side, Tzvi brilliantly caught onto advanced technological concepts very quickly,” shares Rabbi Linchner. “To his great credit, he reached out from the start to tutor and help his classmates with their lessons. They all loved him!”

Tzvi graduated from CAE last year

For his high-level College of Applied Engineering Graduation Project last year, Tzvi envisioned, programmed, created and recreated an ingenious robotic vehicle with potential for use in military and commercial realms. “The CAE instructors were excellent, and the school’s ‘hands-on’ approach was perfect for me,” he said.

Tzvi Kut is now in the IDF Air Force

“We are extremely proud of Tzvi’s accomplishments, as well as our school’s efforts to help him succeed. We’ve all gained, together with the IDF and the country!” Tzvi is now serving in an advanced technological unit in the IDF Air Force.

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