Boys Town Jerusalem has been a prominent school in Israel since 1948. Our mission is to help young boys from limited backgrounds create better futures for themselves with limitless possibilities.

Boys Town Jerusalem has over 960 boys on campus

Our boys, ages 12-22, come from all different backgrounds. While some come from struggling immigrant families, others come from poverty stricken or violent homes. As you roam our halls, you can hear Amharic, Farsi, French, and Hebrew, as our school is a melting pot of backgrounds.

3,000 meals are provided each day

As the only school for disadvantaged young men in Jerusalem to provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, we are firm believers that you can’t feed your mind without feeding your body. For many of our boys, these meals are the only food they get.

Every boy has a bed on campus

For many of our boys, going home is not an option. Therefore, it is essential that our boys feel welcomed and have a safe place to sleep. Our dormitory, which is located on our campus, provides boys 14 and older with a place they can call their own.

Our extracurricular programs are outstanding

We know that education goes beyond the classroom. That’s why we provide tons of after school programs to help boys grow. From arts to athletics, from training dogs to building Lego robots, our boys gain so much more than a high school diploma.

Counseling, social services, and music therapy are provided daily

Our boys have a lot more to deal with than the average teenager, and they need all the help they can get. We provide counselling and therapy to any boy who asks for it.

7,500+ alumni hold key positions in society

Our graduates go on to work in our nation’s top positions and are successful in their chosen careers. Some of those positions include the Director of Training at Magen David Adom, an Israel Air Force fighter pilot, Deputy Inspector at the National Fire Department, and a Cardiologist at Hadassah Hospital.

Our two-year college gives boys the option to excel in the IDF

Our College of Applied Engineering is a two-year program where students earn a degree in Engineering. From there, our students serve in prestigious positions in the Israel Defense Force.

Boys Town Jerusalem is more than a school, it’s a home.

You can read about our CISCO Networking Academy  or tour our kitchen here.

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