A Momentous Graduation


Jerusalem mother and housewife Rachel Achikam was beaming as she watched her son Avraham, 18, receive his high school diploma at his recent graduation ceremony at Boys Town Jerusalem. “He’s got a heart of gold‐‐‐I know how much he cares for others. I’m just so grateful that he came to a school that cares so much for him.”

Avraham Achikam is the fourth of 11 children. His father is unemployed, and the family budget is quite tight. “Avraham shoulders a great deal of responsibility in the family,” his mother noted. “Not just with his younger siblings, but he also helps take care of his elderly grandparents. He’s a very serious student and spends a lot of time on his homework and studies. Luckily for Avraham, the school was ready to give him one opportunity after another to excel.”

Over the five years that Avraham studied at Boys Town Jerusalem, he was selected for a number of special projects and courses. Throughout the ninth grade, he was one of the students chosen to attend a natural science class at the Hebrew University Jerusalem. In tenth grade he qualified for the Boys Town team competing in the Israeli “FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Scientific Technology)Robotics competition. During the summer between tenth and eleventh grade, he was chosen for the intensive “Project Michael” course, an Israeli‐developed program to help achieve emotional, intellectual and behavioral potential. “These programs were dynamic and challenging and opened many new horizons‐‐the kind of ‘extras’ that we and so many other parents could never have dreamed of giving our children,” Rachel Achikam declared.

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